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The opening reception for this exhibition has been cancelled. Currently, the exhibition will proceed otherwise as planned.

3 hours and 15 minutes is the amount of time that an average adult spends looking at their phone on a daily basis, much of that time spent *connecting* with others through apps. In such a mediated and curated world, there is something analog, connective, and intimate about the artwork in Scene / Unseen. Shaunté Glover’s photographs provoke the viewer to explore the narratives of her figureless images or the portraits beg the viewer to return the unassuming gaze of her subjects. Sebestian Tinajero’s paintings capture moments of humor and vulnerability, luring the viewer to have a sincere, honest connection with the sitter(s). In this exhibition, gallery visitors are asked to remove the veil between audience and artwork, return the unapologetic gaze of Tinajero’s portraits, and become immersed in the storylines in Glover’s photographs.

Image: Shaunte Glover, 15th & E, 2019, inkjet print, dimensions variable