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For millennia, humans have tried to replicate nature through scientific and artistic means. However, the fallible nature of human hands never allows us to fully capture the intrinsic beauty of nature.  Artworks by Mary Meyer and Aimee Ollinger continually approach the natural, with their splendor lying in the artists’ reinterpretation of the organic forms. Meyer’s reliefs and wall sculptures attempt to understand the symmetry in nature and how the forms relate to and are similar to the human body. Ollinger’s embroidery and mixed media work seeks to understand the macroscopic and microscopic by controlling the entropic nature of various organic forms. By placing these artists beside one another, Approaching the Natural quietly expresses the diverse beauty that lies in nature from the hard curved edges in Meyer’s sculptures to the free flowing lines in Ollinger’s work.

Image: Aimee Ollinger (left), Mary Meyer (right)