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From tessellating Portuguese tiles to Yayoi Kusama’s famous dots, artists have found inspiration in recurring patterns for centuries. Some are intrigued by aesthetics, while others find ritual and rhythm in the repetition. Fixations highlights artists’ obsessions in a visible, tangible way.

Using various media, four Arizona-based artists meticulously and compulsively create artwork in the hope of finding solace in duplication and iteration. Hyewon Yoon creates pointillist renderings of Korean mountainscapes to curb her homesickness. Talia Dudley reconciles her dreams through portals found throughout her artwork. The patterns of Denise Yaghmourian’s large fiber artwork are formed through intuitive meditation. Lastly, Alexandra Bowers calmed her pandemic anxiety by meticulously creating over 800 feather paintings. With each dot, stitch, and line, these artists reclaim peace in a chaotic world.

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