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Off the Clock: Artwork by City of Chandler Employees
Due Date: Monday, April 22 at midnight MST

Do you doodle on your lunch break? Dabble in ceramics? Build birdhouses on the weekend? Or maybe even call yourself an artist? Now is the time to share your talents with the city! We invite all members of Team Chandler to submit to Off the Clock, an employee art show at Vision Gallery.

At the City of Chandler, we know that creativity is a key quality in getting our jobs done well. For many of us, creativity also spills into what we do when we clock out, whether that be nurturing a relaxing hobby, developing skills in a craft, or finding solace through artistic expression. Off the Clock celebrates the creative talents of our fellow City employees that enrich our work every day.

Each employee is allowed to submit up to five entries for selection by Vision Gallery staff. We invite you to think broadly about what you define as art…can you go broader?…no, even broader than that! We are happy to include media like drawing, painting, and ceramics, but also dance, music, poetry, crafts like woodworking and sewing, traditional cultural practices, and much more.

If you have questions about submitting, please contact Vision Gallery staff at 480-782-2695. You can also email Peter Bugg at peter.bugg@chandleraz.gov or Caroline Hudson-Naef at caroline.hudson-naef@chandleraz.gov.


Artists must be current employees of the City of Chandler. Each submission may include up to 5 works. Please apply via the online submission form linked below, and have the following information handy:

  • Your contact information
  • JPG images of the artworks you are entering, up to 5. Please ensure the files are named like this: ArtistLastName_ArtworkTitle1.jpg, ArtistLastName_ArtworkTitle2.jpg
  • A 3-5 sentence description of your artwork and why you make it (what inspires you, special processes you use, what you like to convey in your work, etc.)
  • Detailed information about each piece you are submitting: title, medium, year created, sales price/insurance value, dimensions

Kim Durning (Public Works & Utilities), Hot Diggity, 2021, Two 350 piece puzzles, glue stick, poster board, Mod Podge

Submit your work:

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