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Image courtesy of Philip Gabriel Steverson

Family: a six-letter word that can spark happiness or dread in a person’s heart.

Familial ties are tenuous and complicated, and every family unit looks different. Some family relationships are merely blood connections, while others are deep bonds built on decades of love and mutual support. Complicating the family dynamic further, each of us has to navigate how we will carry our family’s history and the traditions we inherit from our ancestors. How we grow up and who we are surrounded by as we mature play major parts in how we navigate the world as adults.

Ties that Bind examines the drama, trauma and joy that familial relationships bring to our lives. Benjamin Selby and Philip Gabriel Steverson aim to reconcile parental relationships fraught with generational trauma; Amanda Mollindo attempts to comprehend how cyclical patterns repeat throughout generations; Karen Nazario Moranchel, Jisun Myung and Sallie Scheufler explore the pressures and expectations that are placed upon them by their family or parents; and Lindsey Rothrock and Heidi Dauphin delve into their family histories in an attempt to better understand themselves. Although the exhibiting artists’ approaches and media vary widely, all are seeking to resolve their family ties on their own terms.

Exhibiting Artists:

Heidi Dauphin, Amanda Mollindo, Karen Nazario Moranchel, Jisun Myung, Lindsey Rothrock, Sallie Scheufler, Benjamin Selby and Philip Gabriel Steverson

Exhibition Photos