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Image: Vicki Conley, Tree Rings

For our 28th annual Art Quilts exhibition, the tension between pushing boundaries versus adhering to tried-and-true methods plays out in fiber form. We invited rule-breakers and traditionalists alike to interpret the theme in a variety of ways, including applying it to physical techniques, materials, construction methods, personal narratives, or commentary on social, cultural and political concerns. In addition to traditional quilting fabrics, materials may include alternative substrates like wood, paper, or metal. All submissions – traditional, unconventional, or a combination of both – were considered for craftsmanship, originality, design, and concept.

This exhibition was juried by Shelly White, a Fiber/Mixed media artist and museum-arts educator. Using hand-dyed and printed textiles, found papers and maps, she creates contemporary artworks that honor the spirit of traditional quilting. Within the concept of navigation, her work addresses ways in which we move through and across real and imagined geographies and the emotional passage of time. Shelly works as the Education Specialist for Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum in Mesa, AZ and has exhibited in numerous local and national venues.



Exhibiting Artists

Susan Allred, Linda Anderson, Betty Busby, Abby Christensen, Vicki Conley, Denise A Currier, Heidi Dauphin, Karla Elling, Diane English, Linda Engstrom, Laurie Fagen, Victoria Findlay Wolfe, Debra Goley, Betty Hahn, Marla Hattabaugh, Janet Hiller, Debra Kay, Shari Keith, Patty Kennedy-Zafred, Shelley Koss, Linda Laird, Linda McCurry, Margot McDonnell, Anne Moats, Anne Muñoz, Frances Murphy, Frauke Palmer, Denneen Peterson, Wendy Raisanen, Redfox, Sue Reno, Judith Roderick, Shelley Ann Rothgeb, Brenda H Smith, Aimee Smythe, Linda Stern, Ann Turley, Claire Victor, Rosanna Lynne Welter, and Martha Wolfe

Breaking Rules, Honoring Tradition Catalogue

Take the exhibit home with you! This 8.5×11 catalogue features images of all of the quilts in the exhibition, along with artist statements and gallery views. Prints on demand from Blurb for $26.


Exhibition Photos