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Why Safwat Saleem Is “Concerned But Powerless”


By Jason Keil Safwat Saleem isn't sure what he has to do to earn the title of artist. “I call myself a graphic designer without hesitation because I am confident about my work,” he says. “I can get away with being a graphic designer who sometimes makes art as opposed to being an artist.” But the TED Senior Fellow’s feelings on choosing a creative label (he's also an animator and director) are less complicated than his reaction the 2016 presidential election. The Pakistani-American says he felt worried, helpless, and disheartened over what was taking place. He created art to cope. “Art is

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Visual Artist Safwat Saleem Uses Dark Satire In ‘Concerned, But Powerless’ Exhibit


By Lauren Gilger Visual artist Safwat Saleem likes to use satire — sometimes dark satire — in his work. He’s a Pakistani-American who became a U.S. citizen last year. And as he watched the 2016 election unfold, that wit came out in a series of soliloquies that he’s put onto paper in his new exhibition at Chandler’s Vision Gallery, “Concerned, but Powerless.” That’s Saleem reading some of the pieces that are on display in the show. In each piece, those cutting phrases are written above a collage of vintage imagery from 1950s and '60s ads, mixed with Urdu writing and charcoal

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Hiking-trail veteran due at arts venue


By Wrangler News Staff As weather heats up and the warmer days of spring remind residents of West Chandler that they live in the desert, the Chandler Center for the Arts Gallery in Downtown Chandler presents Martin Gatrost: Pacific Crest Trail now through Feb. 23, 2018. Photographer, avid hiker and nature lover Martin Gatrost takes viewers on his journey on the Pacific Crest Trail, which spans 2,650 miles from Mexico to Canada through California, Oregon and Washington. Visitors to the exhibition will relive his adventure through photographs of the three states, seven national parks and 28 national forests he traversed. “The

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