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Daniel Nez Review


By Lynn Trimble "Arizona-based artist Daniel Nez (Diné) translates oral traditions passed down from Navajo elders into expressive visual narratives. Nez uses geometric forms in his “Fractal Lineage” exhibition to embody elements of Navajo cosmology centered around the Four Worlds. Summaries on the artist’s website describe these worlds, each characterized by the introduction of particular beings, each of these associated with a different color. According to Nez’s descriptions, when one world is destroyed, beings escape into a new one, and each successive world is located closer to the sky." Read full review on Visual Art Source

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Navajo artist brings to life three-dimensional art


By Kianna Joe Two Indigenous artists paint a new picture of what Native culture and history are, using art pieces their ancestors left for them. Daniel Nez, Diné, celebrated his art exhibit opening, “Fractal Lineage,” at the Chandler Center for the Arts alongside fellow Indigenous artists Jacob Menders, Mechoopda, and Maidu, who celebrated his art exhibit as well, “Familiar Territory,” at Vision Gallery in Chandler, Arizona, Feb. 24. “I feel humbled, this is my first solo show since my MFA (master’s) thesis exhibition, so it’s really nice to see all my bodies of work together, all sharing the same theme, all

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Viewing the Colorado River: Between Art and Actuality


By HIKMET SIDNEY LOE "The decline of the Colorado River through drought and other factors has prompted artists to call attention to this event. Does art have the power, though, to mitigate the crisis? ... The number of individuals and groups engaged in the Colorado River is extensive and growing. While Lin presents one artist’s view through Silver River’s scale, situation, and name recognition, additional representations and interpretations of the river have been in the making. Las Vegas artist and curator Sapira Cheuk has had water on her mind for some time. In 2020, she filmed fountains and water features along

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