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New Exhibit Displays Dystopian Vision Of Arizona’s Future


By Lauren Gilger Following is a full transcript of the piece: Lauren Gilger: Imagine Arizona’s dystopian future. In it, you can wander through gardens of mutant cacti, visit Trash Mountain National Park and gaze at a beautiful plastic sunset. That’s the sharp take artists Sarah Hurwitz and Daniel Funkhouser adopt in their new exhibition, “Futureland, Arizona: An Art Show,” which opens today at Chandler’s Vision Gallery. I went to the gallery yesterday to get a sneak peek at the show and the two artists walked me through Arizona’s sci-fi future. We begin at a neon sign that marks the entrance. “Welcome

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Artists’ Predictions Are Focus Of Vision Gallery Exhibit


Chandler’s Vision Gallery will feature two artists whose diverse pieces will provide a glimpse of their vision of the future. Vision Gallery will display “Futureland, Arizona: An Art Show” from Jan. 10 to Feb. 15 with a reception for artists Daniel Funkhouser and Sarah Hurwitz slated for 6-8 p.m. Jan. 11 at the gallery, 10 E. Chicago St. in the Chandler City Hall complex. The vibrant, unusual mixed media artwork will include individual pieces the artists have created, as well as some artwork they have made together, said Peter Bugg, the city’s visual arts coordinator. Bugg said Funkhouser and Hurwitz have

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Artists Create Trash Mountain and Mutant Cactus for ‘Futureland, Arizona’


There’s a trash mountain coming to Chandler, where mutant cactuses will soon invade as well. They’re the brainchild of Daniel Funkhouser and Sarah Hurwitz, two artists skilled at making large-scale artworks using offbeat materials. For several months, they’ve been collaborating for an exhibition called “Futureland, Arizona,” which runs from January 10 to February 15 at Vision Gallery. The show came together after Peter Bugg, an artist who curates the space and serves as the city’s visual arts coordinator, suggested they work together. It wasn’t a hard sell. The artists have known each other for nearly a decade, since their time as members

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