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Street Art Meets ’80s Arcade Games in a New Metro Phoenix Exhibit


By Lynn Trimble Familiar faces from Mario to Ms. Pac-Man are coming to Chandler as part of a new exhibit that blends street art with arcade games. “Two Players, Two Quarters” will feature work by Tempe artists Such and Champ Styles, who also happen to be father and son. They’ve been working on the exhibit since late December, creating portraits of iconic video game characters and other pieces for the show. “We want to ... help people time-travel back to the age of arcade games,” Such says. We found the artists laying out the artworks on Valentine’s Day inside a Tempe school

Street Art Meets ’80s Arcade Games in a New Metro Phoenix Exhibit2020-02-21T12:03:26-07:00

New Chandler mural tells the city’s history


By Kevin Reagan Staff Writer Chandler’s newest downtown mural fuses two artistic styles to present a timeline of the city’s history. Located in the breezeway next to Saba’s Western Wear, the mural takes the abstract, geometric patterns of Joey Salamon and combines them with realistic portraits painted by Cam DeCaussin. Rainbow streaks stretch across the breezeway’s wall and guide the viewer’s eye through a series of pictures meant to be symbolic of Chandler’s first 100 years as an incorporated city. Salamon, a Michigan-based muralist known for his dynamic zig-zag patterns, described the new artwork as a twist on classical and modern

New Chandler mural tells the city’s history2020-02-04T16:26:30-07:00