Just in time for summer, Vision Gallery presents À La Mode, featuring paintings by Caroline Estelle.

Images and notions of summer can evoke a sense of joy and escapism. With warmer weather, people feel more liberated, but as the articles of clothing become smaller, the societal pressures to have an “acceptable” body grow larger.

“Through saccharine colors and hyper-realized forms, Estelle embraces the idealized notions of summery scenes,” says Peter Bugg, visual arts coordinator, City of Chandler. “Look closer and you start to notice that the bodies in the images are distorted and uncharacteristic of the idealized female forms found in advertisements and art history.”

These paintings prompt the viewer to consider their own preconceived notions of representations of the human body.

Thanks AZ Red Book for sharing: https://www.azredbook.com/homepage-large-feature/a-la-mode/