McCarthy completes new parking garage in Downtown Chandler


McCarthy Building Companies Inc. has completed construction on the new $20 million, five-level, 293,000-square-foot Oregon Street parking garage for the City of Chandler, which is now the largest garage in Downtown Chandler providing 932 parking spaces.  The structure is located to the west of City Hall across Arizona Avenue on the northwest corner of Chicago and Oregon streets. Completed a month early, it adds much needed parking options for those accessing City Hall, restaurants and other venues in the bustling area.  “The Downtown is the heart and urban core of our City,” said Chandler Mayor Kevin Hartke. “With New Square opening later this year, along

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A Guide to the 10 Best Art Galleries in Metro Phoenix


Metro Phoenix is home to an assortment of art galleries exhibiting works by local, national, and international artists. Most show works in a wide variety of mediums, and many show works by both emerging and established artists. They've all got a different feel, so whatever your interests and tastes, you'll find something that catches your fancy. But 10 metro Phoenix galleries stand above the rest. One sits inside an arts center, and two are located in former warehouses. Another is subterranean, and one sits on the second story of a quaint retail complex. One is owned by a city, and a

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Artist’s exhibit here celebrates Hispanic culture


              By Kevin Reagan Staff Writer Jose Andres Giron has been making artwork for nearly 50 years and he’s not planning to stop any time soon. The 73-year-old Phoenix native has about 40 pieces of his artwork on display at the Chandler Center for the Arts in an exhibit that will run through Oct. 10. Titled “Escenas de Mexico,” or “Scenes of Mexico,” the exhibit embraces various aspects of Hispanic culture — a common subject of Giron’s work. He’s created paintings of mariachi bands, portraits of Mexican painter Frida Kahlo and prints of Cesar Chavez,

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Gallery exhibit looks at Mexico-U.S. relationship


              By Kayla Rutledge Contributor   A free art exhibition at Vision Gallery is making its debut Aug. 30, with its artists hoping to change the way spectators view the U.S.-Mexico relationship. The photos presented in the Through Each Other’s Eyes exhibit showcase the views of two Valley photographers, Gina Santi and Brandon Sullivan, and two Hermosillo, Mexico, photographers, Juan Casanova and Dionisio Corral, during an exchange to each country. Through Each Other’s Eyes, a nonprofit, started in 1988 after hosting five exchanges between photographers in the U.S. and Japan. In 1995 the organization began

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Baltic legend inspires sculpture in downtown


A whimsical take on a Baltic legend brightens a corner in downtown Chandler, thanks to a longtime artist who created a sculpture as part of a Valley collaborative arts partnership. Pete Goldlust is one of 10 artists chosen to create temporary public artwork in various locations around the Valley through IN FLUX, a strategic partnership between Chandler Arts Commission and five other cities. The six cities released a collective call for artists to create the artwork to be displayed at art centers, libraries, government buildings and other areas. Artists of all disciplines were asked to create a proposal to produce art

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Guns are Focus of Provocative Gallery Exhibit


Distinctive works of two artists that relate to guns will likely generate questions and conversations on a timely topic at Vision Gallery. The photographs of Kari Wehrs of Tempe and the sculptures of Nathaniel Lewis of Phoenix are being exhibited at “TOGETHER” through May 3 at Vision Gallery, 10 E. Chicago St. An opening reception for Wehrs and Lewis will take place from 6 to 8 p.m. tonight, April 6, at the gallery. The artists’ works are being shown together for the first time. Wehrs photographed a series, “Shot,” showing people she encountered in the desert shooting guns recreationally using tintype

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Gallery Shows Legacy of Legendary Chandler Architect


Vision Gallery will be displaying captivating photos revealing mid-century works by a longtime Chandler architect and others who left a distinctive mark on the community. “Mid-Century Chandler: The Unexpected Gems” will show life in the city decades ago as it features attractive buildings and signs that are part of the legacy of local mid-century architect Glenn McCollum. The exhibit runs from Feb. 22 to March 29 at Vision Gallery, 10 E. Chicago St. Chandler. Photographer and gallery curator Holly Metz compiled the colorful contemporary and historic photos of churches, unusual neighborhoods and other buildings with a certain flair. Metz is thrilled

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New Exhibit Displays Dystopian Vision Of Arizona’s Future


By Lauren Gilger Following is a full transcript of the piece: Lauren Gilger: Imagine Arizona’s dystopian future. In it, you can wander through gardens of mutant cacti, visit Trash Mountain National Park and gaze at a beautiful plastic sunset. That’s the sharp take artists Sarah Hurwitz and Daniel Funkhouser adopt in their new exhibition, “Futureland, Arizona: An Art Show,” which opens today at Chandler’s Vision Gallery. I went to the gallery yesterday to get a sneak peek at the show and the two artists walked me through Arizona’s sci-fi future. We begin at a neon sign that marks the entrance. “Welcome

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Artists’ Predictions Are Focus Of Vision Gallery Exhibit


Chandler’s Vision Gallery will feature two artists whose diverse pieces will provide a glimpse of their vision of the future. Vision Gallery will display “Futureland, Arizona: An Art Show” from Jan. 10 to Feb. 15 with a reception for artists Daniel Funkhouser and Sarah Hurwitz slated for 6-8 p.m. Jan. 11 at the gallery, 10 E. Chicago St. in the Chandler City Hall complex. The vibrant, unusual mixed media artwork will include individual pieces the artists have created, as well as some artwork they have made together, said Peter Bugg, the city’s visual arts coordinator. Bugg said Funkhouser and Hurwitz have

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Artists Create Trash Mountain and Mutant Cactus for ‘Futureland, Arizona’


There’s a trash mountain coming to Chandler, where mutant cactuses will soon invade as well. They’re the brainchild of Daniel Funkhouser and Sarah Hurwitz, two artists skilled at making large-scale artworks using offbeat materials. For several months, they’ve been collaborating for an exhibition called “Futureland, Arizona,” which runs from January 10 to February 15 at Vision Gallery. The show came together after Peter Bugg, an artist who curates the space and serves as the city’s visual arts coordinator, suggested they work together. It wasn’t a hard sell. The artists have known each other for nearly a decade, since their time as members

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